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Good lighting gives cachet to every room. It offers the opportunity to vary and create endlessly. Light is, therefore, the ultimate decorator, both inside and outside. An atmosphere that you can feel, experience and undergo. An atmosphere that effortlessly fits into everyone's personal experience and taste. This is the starting point of the collection that Brink Light has compiled for you. A collection of fixtures that have one thing in common: they are surprisingly designed with attention to detail.


About UsChoosing the right lighting is an art. Professional help is often indispensable. You're aiming for the optimum use of light, so you're looking for a partner who knows how to interpret and combine your ideas, style, and budget. Our experienced light advisers will assist and guide you in making the right choice. This way you are sure that you will not be surprised afterwards.


The collection of Brink Licht is many times bigger than the products that are visible in the webshop. Send an email to or chat with us what you are looking for and we will send you as soon as possible price, delivery time, options or if desired, a proposal for a suitable alternative. At our location in Montfoort, we can complete your entire order, look after and then deliver on call at any location. The regular logistics partners, for large or small shipments, ensure customised delivery.


Not all our customers want integrated service, sometimes the design has already been determined, and the ideas have been thoroughly elaborated. You can also make use of our purchasing contacts and logistical coordination. Our flexibility allows us to perform different types of assignments and offer various levels of service.


Installation is a subject separate. Therefore, Brink Licht does not install itself but has made good arrangements with several permanent partners. This ensures independence and quality. Each of our partners has its own expertise. We will be happy to contact you with the installer who can best serve you. And, you can make use of the price agreements we have made with our house installers, allowing you to benefit from reduced rates.


A house is an expression of the resident's identity. Everyone consciously or unconsciously makes his home unique so that it meets the individual requirements and preferences. Light is one of the best home decorators; it determines how to experience a space. Lighting is more than functional; it also creates a certain atmosphere. Light can hide and accentuate. It can bring you into a particular state of mind; much light stimulates activity, dim light brings peace and intimacy. In addition to the purely functional aspects, good lighting has a decorative value. The combination of a well-designed luminaire and beautiful light is a pleasure for the eye. Also in the garden is light a mood maker. With the right lighting, you enjoy twice as much of your garden, during the day by the beautifully designed luminaries, in the evening through the lightning.


Well-thought-out workplace lighting is not an unnecessary luxury. Just as too little light is not right, the reverse also applies. In case of extreme light intensity, dazzle and reflection occur. With all of the consequences: a headache, fatigue and a burning sensation in the eyes. Luminaires located behind and above the workplace can be better shielded, moved, or turned away to avoid glare. The lighting can also be beautiful in a work environment; It is crucial for your company image. The selection of the correct lighting depends among other things on the activity carried out in the space concerned. The usual standard for office lighting is 250 to 500 lux. Our experienced specialists can work out a detailed light study in the short term and advise you on the choice of fixtures. We also provide advice on installation possibilities and switching technology. Lighting office art is one of our specialities.


You walk from one room to another. Sensors that detect motion and light intensity follows you closely. And anticipate your actions with the appropriate answer: everywhere you go, the light goes on. Never abruptly but gradually. And it dims when you leave the room. The possibilities of the latest intelligent switching techniques are endless. Under the name of domotics, we offer a broad range of possibilities in cooperation with our partners. Together with the most recent access control technology, audio & video applications throughout the house, warmth and easy operation, you can create a feeling of absolute comfort.

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